Monday, February 7, 2011

The Corner Count

I had a great week! I really did well at tracking all of my foods this week. I found lots of new good recipes to eat that are healthy, and taste good.

Here is my favorite treat for the week:
1 Apple
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
Microwave Peanut Butter and dip apple slices in the peanut butter.

I went to the gym four days last week. Three days I did couch to 10 K and one I did water aerobics. I am so proud of myself!

So its time for the weekly weigh in! This week I lost -1.2 lbs!

Happy Crafting,
Alley Cat


  1. Oh well done!
    I keep on thinking about addressing my weight and make little starts that go to nothing, so I'm really impressed with how well you're doing and sticking to it so well.

    Go you!!!!!

  2. First off, thank-you for the encouragement, there are days that I really need it.
    Secondly, why not start today! As one of my very favorite songs says “I have been waiting for just the right moment to start living the life of my dreams, I was hoping some magical moment would come rescue me, but it hit me today, there is no better time to begin, this day I’ve been given is my day to start living, so I’m jumping in, why not today while the sun is shining, today while I know I can, the past is behind me, tomorrow cant find me till I live today, so why not today while my heart is ready, today while its in my grasp, if I start out slowly, I’m confident in knowing I’m still on my way so why not today…”